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NIST-based Protocols to Secure ePHI Exchange between Authorized and Authenticated Persons and Systems.

CyPHIsecure™ mitigates the risk of cyberattack, and performs a function that certified EHR technology is unable to perform in the absence of a unique patient identifier. By providing a secure electronic direct data entry (DDE) exchange protocol for authenticated providers, CyPHIsecure™ delivers end-to-end encryption of electronic protected health information (ePHI) at rest and in motion.

CyPHIsecure™ is Designed to Mitigate Data Transfer Intrusions:

  • IT Network Pathways
  • Stationary Medical Devices
  • Mobile Devices for Healthcare Practitioner Information Interaction
  • Instrumentation for Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment of Medical Conditions
  • Certified EHR Technology Security Criteria

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Data Exchange

Access by unauthorized or unauthenticated persons or systems that compromises confidentiality, availability, integrity, or any combination thereof, of ePHI.


  • Increased likelihood of privacy breach or security incident
  • Patient safety and ePHI at risk
  • Significant federal penalties imposed
  • Impaired cyber-insurability
  • Negative business reputation
  • Subject to class action and individual litigation
  • Reduced Medicare payments under MIPS (2019)

Working with a data-processing strategic partner, NIST-based protocols to ensure authorization and authentication of recipient in exchange of ePHI. Beta testing of software in 2019 Q1 and launch in Q2

An adaptation of a healthcare data exchange mobile software that initially will be for Provider-to-Provider Exchange and ensures authorization and authentication of the data recipient. Additional applications to focus on EHR <-> EHR data exchange, Provider <-> Patient data exchange in concierge and direct medicine, clinical trial, and telemedicine.

CyPHIcomply provides the regulatory and best practices framework for design and implementation of CyPHIsensor and CyPHIsecure software:

  • Mitigating internal and external risks to patient safety
  • Creating a trusted environment for healthcare stakeholders
  • Minimizing financial and reputational liabilities to noncompliance
  • Enabling cybersecurity insurance coverage
  • Generating linked data leading to quantifiable intelligence across cybersecurity continuum.
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