Beta Testing of software in 2018 Q2 and Launch in Q3

NIST-based Protocols to Mitigate Risks to Infrastructure, IT Systems, and Network Pathways

CyPHIsensor™ will notify appropriate personnel of intrusions or faults to instrumentation that could compromise patient safety, say, in a surgical situation. CyPHIsensor™ will provide pathway sensors and alert algorithms for clinical networks at strategic points to monitor appropriate functionality of instrumentation used in clinical environments for diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions.

CyPHIsensor™ is Designed to Mitigate Intrusions to:

  • IT Network Pathways
  • Stationary Medical Devices
  • Mobile Devices for Healthcare Practitioner Information Interaction
  • Instrumentation for Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment of Medical Conditions
  • Certified EHR Technology Security Criteria

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  • Internal: Workforce member vulnerabilities due to inappropriate or lack of safeguard training
  • External: Phishing/ransomware intrusion threats to vulnerable networks and systems


  • Increased likelihood of privacy breach or security incident
  • Patient safety and ePHI at risk
  • Significant federal penalties imposed
  • Impaired cyber-insurability
  • Negative business reputation
  • Subject to class action and individual litigation
  • Reduced Medicare payments under MIPS (2019)

Working with a strategic pentesting partner, developing NIST-based protocols to mitigate risks to infrastructure, IT systems, and network pathways. Beta testing of software in 2019 Q2 and launch in Q3.

An adaptation of an existing software that identifies all networked devices, tracks their activity to ensure appropriate use in medical diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment, and alerts management when an inappropriate use or malfunction occurs or in anticipation of a malfunction

CyPHIcomply provides the regulatory and best practices framework for design and implementation of CyPHIsensor and CyPHIsecure software:

  • Mitigating internal and external risks to patient safety
  • Creating a trusted environment for healthcare stakeholders
  • Minimizing financial and reputational liabilities to noncompliance
  • Enabling cybersecurity insurance coverage
  • Generating linked data leading to quantifiable intelligence across cybersecurity continuum.
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