Continuing its mission to lower healthcare costs and improve patient safety, CAIPHI is introducing CyPHIprepare™ an innovative and efficient cloud-based self-assessment tool that can help healthcare providers reduce the cost of emergency preparedness and save up to 90 percent over the cost of hiring outside intermediaries.

Nearly 25 years ago, the federal government began requiring that healthcare providers implement and document electronic instead of paper-based processes to mitigate risks to patient safety and lower administrative costs. Today, the federal government is requiring that healthcare providers apply those same efforts to emergency preparedness to ensure patient and resident safety when healthcare facilities are confronted with manmade and environmental threats. These may be privacy breach or cybersecurity incident, fire, hurricane, tornado, or flood.

Security and emergency preparedness regulations mitigate safety risks, but the provisions are highly complex and require ongoing documented review, assessment, testing, and workforce training. How many times has a CEO asked a reporting executive: ‘Are we prepared, can we respond, are our workforce members ready,’ only to find out later that the answer ‘Yes’ meant ‘Not exactly, or ‘Maybe’.

“Health care organizations diligent about emergency preparedness often do a magnificent job of analyzing the process but fall short in execution, testing, and documentation efforts,” says Edward D. Jones, III, founder and CEO of CAIPHI and a former chair of the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), a collaborative organization that has played a significant role in the deployment of electronic processes in healthcare. “In an emergency, everyone has a role, but protocols get confusing. The CAIPHI team has spent years analyzing healthcare workflows and processes and has automated methods that consulting firms access when transitioning people, processes, and systems necessary for managing manmade or environmental hazards,” Jones says.

CyPHIprepare™’s patent pending cloud-based process supports documentation by leadership role, and by emergency. Its robust search engine allows healthcare users to immediately access processes the healthcare leaders designed. “Healthcare entities that have not yet put processes in place can access sample policies and guidance for establishing procedures,” Jones adds. “But CyPHIprepare™’s biggest benefit, thanks to today’s mobile technology, is that CEOs and Boards of Directors can immediately see and verify with CyPHIprepare™’s at a glance dashboard and documentation archive that the organization is compliant with federal best practice standards and ready to respond to any emergency.”


Founded in 2017 by distinguished leaders in healthcare, with a Board of Directors comprising former Secretary of HHS, Louis W. Sullivan, MD and founder of WEDI, CAIPHI COO Mark Sizelove, and CEO Ed Jones, CAIPHI, Inc. provides a single-source suite of Cybersecurity Compliance and Emergency Preparedness products that deliver a continuum of frontline defense-to-backend analytics, helping healthcare organizations detect, manage, and derail internal and external cyber intrusions and demonstrate emergency response readiness for CMS annual survey and certification. For more information, please visit


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