JOHNS ISLAND, SC.  As healthcare Emergency Operations Planners (EOPs) prepare to assess readiness and train workforce members in anticipation of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) emergency preparedness annual survey and certification process, CAIPHI obtained patent pending status on April 3 for inventions related to CyPHIprepare™. CyPHIprepare™ is a powerful, secure, cloud-based tool designed to help EOPs 

  • Make faster and better decisions with immediate access to emergency preparedness information on any device;
  • Improve patient and resident safety in healthcare facilities; and 
  • Achieve cost-effective compliance with CMS Emergency Preparedness requirements at a fraction of cost of current practices. 

CyPHIprepare™ features include:  

  • A cloud-based platform that is independent of legacy systems and designed for self-assessment; 
  • At-a-glance role-based workflow dashboard displays of compliance status pertaining to standard policies and procedures that can be tailored to findings from an all hazards risk assessment; 
  • Centralized training & testing and action report documentation in an unalterable archive that has search capabilities and secure 365/24/7 workforce member access.
  • Systems and methods for implementing secondary, back-up communication lists for expediting safeguard breach and emergency response.

“Each member of CAIPHI’s development and implementation team has a rich history of emergency preparedness experience with corporations and hospital systems,” says Edward D. Jones III, CAIPHI’S CEO and Board Chair. “We’ve applied our lessons learned to CyPHIprepare™ and worked with a knowledgeable legal team to move toward patenting our processes.” 


Founded in 2017 by distinguished leaders in healthcare, CAIPHI, Inc. provides a single-source suite of Cybersecurity Compliance and Emergency Preparedness products that deliver a continuum of frontline defense-to-backend analytics, helping healthcare organizations detect, manage, and derail internal and external cyber intrusions and demonstrate emergency response readiness for CMS annual survey and certification. CAIPHI’s continuum of cybersecurity products and support services enables organizations to identify and mitigate potential malfunctions, external cyberattacks, and internal hacks that could imperil protected health information and operations. For more information, please visit  

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