CHARLESTON, SC. September 11, 2018/ PRNewsire/ September is Hospital Preparedness Month and CyPHIprepare™ a cloud-based tool for emergency planning management, is here to help hospitals serve their communities.

Across the nation, health care facilities will be testing their all-hazards approach to managing patient care disruptions, from wildfires, powerful storms, floods and infections to cyberattacks and internal emergencies. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that oversees 37% of the National Health Expenditure (NHE) requires emergency preparedness as a condition of participation. Testing, according to CMS mandates, must be completed at least twice annually.

Even the soundest of plans can be foiled, which is why every facility administrator carries a disaster plan either in his or her head or somewhere easily accessible by first responders. Each disaster carries its own conditions, but failures should not be the result of poor planning. Emergency Preparedness Planning engages the community, which means hundreds of resources and businesses connected to the hospital will need access to the emergency plan, an ideal approach as long as the plan is not embedded in a file on the network no longer available due to power failures.

Shared accessibility is why the seasoned group at CAIPHI created CyPHIprepare™. The comprehensive tool allows health facilities to access their own emergency preparedness details from anywhere in the world through laptops and mobile devices including smart phones.  As a backup, the plan can be downloaded onto any device.

“No one wants to see people harmed more than they already are, due to a failed plan,” says Edward D. Jones, III, CEO of CAIPHI. “Disaster images are profound and the reason why we built CyPHI prepare. CyPHI prepare™ launched September 11 in honor of the 9/11 first responders, is immediately available for CMS designated healthcare providers most likely to need to transport patients in the event of a disaster.

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