Seabrook Island, SC – May 9, 2018 – Founded and managed by industry experts with decades of experience in the real world of healthcare operations and government regulations, CAIPHI, Inc. announces a single-source product and support solution to attain and maintain the highest level of Cybersecurity Compliance, Emergency Preparedness, IoT detection, and Secure Data Exchange and Trust. CAIPHI’s Mission is to help healthcare organizations protect their business while promoting interoperability, and to achieve peace-of-mind with CAIPHI’s timely continuum of Cybersecurity products.

“Health care professionals face historic penalties, privacy and security compliance audits, Medicare and Medicaid emergency preparedness mandates, and demands by cyber insurers for documented risk analyses and security management plans.” says Ed Jones, CEO of CAIPHI. “Compliance risk management is much more complex and integrated than when I was WEDI Chair, back when compliance was started for HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. CAIPHI’s disruption by design products create a cybersecurity continuum business model linking documented Cybersecurity Framework safeguards to provide a chain of custody of ePHI across healthcare stakeholders’ EHR, IoT, and Data Exchange environments.” 

CyPHIcomply™, the first product in CAIPHI’s emerging suite of cybersecurity solutions, offers healthcare providers and their business associates risk analysis and policy-and-procedure tools to assess and manage emerging risks, and a safeguard training curriculum to heighten workforce awareness and understanding of risk mitigation policies and procedures. These comprehensive, affordable, updatable, plain language set of tools are designed for self-assessments; for protecting patient data that is created, received, maintained, or transmitted; and for demonstrating HIPAA Privacy and Security, HITECH Act Breach Notification, Business Associate Agreement, and Meaningful Use Security Measure compliance to regulators, insurers, and healthcare stakeholders. 

CyPHIcomply™ Now Available through Amazon Business Prime

CyPHIcomply™ is a customized monthly membership product billed annually for each facility in an enterprise. CyPHIcomply™ is presently available as a downloadable eBook compliance tool purchased on Amazon and will be available in a SaaS version directly from CAIPHI this summer. 

CAIPHI’s developing suite of SaaS products also include CyPHIprepare™ for Medicare and Medicaid emergency preparedness, with compliance a condition of participation or coverage in those programs; CyPHIsensor™ for identifying and assessing IoT reliability of function on cyber clinical networks; and CyPHIsecure™ for secure, authenticated provider-to-provider data exchange. The full product suite will be available in the coming months, with CyPHIprepare™ the next product released early this summer.

About CAIPHI, Inc.

CAIPHI, Inc. (Confidentiality, Availability, and Integrity of Protected Health Information) provides a single-source suite of Cybersecurity Compliance, Emergency Preparedness, IoT detection, and Secure Data Exchange products that deliver a continuum of frontline defense-to-backend analytics, helping healthcare organizations detect, manage, and derail internal and external cyber intrusions. CAIPHI’s continuum of cybersecurity products and support services enables organizations to identify and mitigate potential malfunctions, external cyberattacks, and internal hacks that could imperil protected health information. For more information, please visit

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