March 12, 2019. The Ponemon Institute has released the Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study: Unlocking the value of Improved Cybersecurity Protection. The study, independently produced by the Ponemon Institute in a joint development with Accenture, highlights several key considerations for addressing cyberattacks:

“Training employees to think and act with security in mind is the most underfunded activity in cybersecurity budgets.

“The expanded use of cloud services makes the investigation of cyber threats more efficient and the containment of cyberattacks more cost effective.

“Malware, Web-based attacks, and denial-of-service [ransomware] attacks are the main contributing factors to revenue loss.

“Now, more than ever, the ability to engage organizations’ workforces, adopt sound data practices, and apply powerful, new technologies can help to drive cyber resilience.”

This document is important reading for ideas for controlling the incidence and cost of cyberattacks and should be downloaded and read.


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