Announcement of Proposal to Update FIPS 197, The Advanced Encryption Standard, Webpage, December 19, 2022.

NIST proposes to update FIPS 197. An update of a publication is appropriate when it only requires changes to correct errors or clarify its interpretation, and no changes are made to technical content. The proposed draft FIPS 197 update is accessible at: The comment period for the draft is open through February 13, 2023. Public comments on the decision to update the FIPS, or on the draft update itself, may be submitted to, with “Comments on Draft FIPS 197 Update” in the subject line. Comments received in response to this request will be posted on the Crypto Publication Review Project site after the due date.

Summary of the Draft Update of FIPS 197. The version history is summarized in Appendix D of the draft update of FIPS 197. The draft update includes extensive editorial improvements to the version that was published in November 2001, including the following:

  • The frontmatter is modernized, e.g., a foreword and abstract are added.
  • Terms and symbols are defined more comprehensively and consistently.
  • Formatting/typesetting is improved in a variety of ways.
  • Unnecessary formalism is removed.
  • Diagrams are included for the three key schedules.
  • Some references were updated, and additional references were provided.
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