The Importance of Timely Use of COVID-19 Therapeutics, Memorandum. QSO-23-03-ALL, November 22, 2022.


  • Providers and suppliers, especially those delivering care in congregate care settings, should ensure their patients and residents are protected against transmission of COVID-19 within their facilities, as well as receiving appropriate treatment when tested positive for the virus.
  • Further, all providers and suppliers should continue to implement appropriate infection control protocols for COVID-19 ( and Influenza (
  • This memo discusses the importance of the timely use of available COVID-19 therapeutics, particularly for high-risk patients who test positive for the virus.


The purpose of this memo is to highlight the importance of providing timely access to available COVID-19 therapeutics to patients who test positive for the virus. Treatments, including both monoclonal antibodies and oral antiviral drugs, can prevent serious illness and save the lives of high-risk individuals who would otherwise be at risk of severe complications. Every patient who tests positive for COVID-19 should be evaluated to determine whether the use of an available therapeutic is appropriate.

Nursing homes should review and reinforce their infection control protocols as we move into fall and winter when respiratory infections are more commonly transmitted. In addition to mitigating opportunities for transmission of COVID-19, nursing homes should ensure residents receive (in consultation with their physician and family) appropriate treatment when tested positive for COVID-19.

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