Your Single Source
for Cybersecurity Compliance,
Emergency Preparedness, loT
Detection, and Secure Data

Protect your healthcare business and achieve peace-of-mind with CAIPHI’s timely continuum of Cybersecurity products.

CAIPHI delivers a continuum of frontline defense-to-backend analytics that helps your healthcare organization detect, manage, and derail internal and external cyber intrusions. CAIPHI’s single source continuum of cybersecurity products and support services help your organization to identify and mitigate potential malfunctions, external cyberattacks, and internal hacks that could imperil protected health information.  Your organization will achieve peace-of-mind knowing that it has the CAIPHI tools for implementing and documenting:

  • Existing HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.
  • Emergent NIST Cybersecurity Framework Rules.
  • New CMS Emergency Preparedness Rules.
  • Best practices for ensuring authorization and authentication in patient data exchange.
  • Reliable and functionally secure IoT devices used in healthcare operations.

CAIPHI’s cloud-based, SaaS software model provides continuous delivery of compliance and cybersecurity solutions to enterprise healthcare systems.

The CAIPHI Solutions

CAIPHI links cybersecurity safeguards to provide chain of custody of ePHI across healthcare stakeholders’ EHR, IoT, and Data Exchange environments.


A Comprehensive Cybersecurity and HIPAA Safeguard Compliance Tool Set that Includes a NIST-Based Risk Analysis Template, Customizable Policies and Procedures, and a Safeguard Training Curriculum.


CyPHIprepare’s management tools help you Track, Test, and Facilitate your Certification for Emergency Preparedness. Applies to all 17 CMS-designated Medicare and Medicaid Providers and Suppliers, keeping you compliant with CMS’s November 15, 2017 compliance date.


Quickly Identify all Networked Devices. Track Activity to Ensure Appropriate Use in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Alerts Management when an Inappropriate Use or Malfunction Occurs or in Anticipation of a Malfunction.


An Adaption of a Sensitive Healthcare Data Exchange Mobile Software that Initially will be for Provider-to-Provider Exchange, Ensures Authorization and Authentication of the Data Recipient.

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