Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published revised Emergency Preparedness requirements for Medicare and Medicaid participating providers and suppliers in Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual (SOM) used by State Survey Agency Directors to evaluate and certify annually compliance with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule.  Seventeen provider and supplier categories are covered by the Rule.  CMS’ Quality, Safety & Oversight Group (QSO) Director states in relation to the revisions:

“While there are minor variations based on the specific provider type, the rule is applicable to all providers and suppliers. The emergency preparedness requirement is a Condition of Participation/Condition for Coverage which covers the requirement for facilities to have an emergency preparedness program.

“We are updating Appendix Z of the SOM to reflect changes to add emerging infectious diseases to the definition of all-hazards approach, new Home Health Agency (HHA) citations [from 42 CFR 482.22 to reflect the regulatory citation 42 CFR 484.102], and clarifications [related to portable/mobile generators] under alternate source power and emergency standby systems.”

The effective date of the revisions is “immediate”, with the publication noting that “[t]he information provided in this memorandum should be communicated with all survey and certification staff, their managers, and the State/Regional Office training coordinators with 30 days of this memorandum.”

CAIPHI has included these revisions in its emergency preparedness management software product, CyPHIprepareô.

For additional information on the revisions, please see:

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